Mockup of people wearing the Trivial T-shirt

Build an app, add the Claim T-Shirt action, and run it. Should be easy(ish)!

Trivial is for people that can write a little code and want to run custom scripts.

Maybe you took a learn-to-code course or a 101 class in college. Chapter 1 goes fine, and then you hit a brick wall of dependency management, class inheritance, and security issues. Way more than you wanted to deal with.

Or maybe you're a developer, and because you've mastered all of that, you know first-hand what a pain it is. You just want a place to quickly write the script that's in your head.

Trivial gives you:

  • Cloud based, no setup editor
  • Secure storage of passwords and API keys
  • Pre-built API wrappers (Trivial handles the OAuth!) for Shopify, Slack, Discord, etc.

It's free, no credit card required.

The t-shirt offer is for United States and Canada only.

Sorry, international friends! Shipping is just too dang expensive.

The t-shirt features the minified code of a basic Trivial app. Quite the time-saver!

How to Claim Your Free Shirt

Step 1: Build an App

To build an app in Trivial, sign up at, then use the New App button. This skips the waiting list on our marketing site 😎.

UI Screenshot: New App button

Step 2: Add the Claim T-Shirt action

Use the Add Action button to bring up the Search Actions menu, and select ClaimFreeShirt. Click Add This Action and fill in your address details. 

The fields are treated as JavaScript, so you’ll need to do one of the following:
→ wrap your responses in quotes OR
→ create a custom method and call it OR
→ set the JSON payload and reference it.

UI Screenshot: Claim Free Shirt action

Step 3: Save & Run

Now that your app has an action, use the Save & Rebuild button to update the server with the fresh code. Once it’s saved, use Manual app trigger and hit Run

UI Screenshot: saving and running your app

If that worked, you’ll get an email confirmation. In your Activity Log, you’ll see your run with a 200 ok status. If something went wrong, you’ll see an error in your Activity Log.

Stuck? Email us at