Receive Shopify Webhooks

December 8, 2021
Trecia Sekgalo

In this example, we are going to create a Trivial app and subscribe it to a Shopify webhook that fires when an order is paid. If you're not familiar with webhooks, they're basically blocks of data that get sent when something noteworthy happens on a platform. These steps cover receiving data from Shopify, but should apply to most platforms that support webhooks.

1. Create a new app

First thing we are going to do is create a new app by clicking the New App button. Once clicked, Trivial comes up (as shown in the image) and gives us a URL to use to receive webhooks. Make sure to copy the URL.

2. Go to Shopify

Once on Shopify, find the webhooks section [ Settings > Notifications ]. Click the create webhook button and a popup should appear. On events, we will select "order payment", this means that everytime our order is payed, we are going to receive a block of JSON code that has information of how much was payed.

Proceed and paste the URL you received from Trivial and save.

Once saved, you should have this. Click the send test notification and return to the Trivial app.

3. Return to Trivial

You will notice in Trivial , you are notified of new data in your app.

Click reload to inspect the data sent by Shopify. We will notice that it indeed sent a block of JSON code for the "subtotal" price, since our event was for 'order payment'.

Voilà! As easy as that, you've got a Shopify webhook into Trivial.

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