Welcome to 2022, where vegan punks run software startups.

I started my first business in the '90s when I was 17. It was a vegetarian grocery store in hard-luck Pontiac, Michigan. We put on punk shows in the basement and a trampoline on the roof.

I went bankrupt thinking Profit & Loss reports were for THE MAN.

Later, building VGKids (celebrating 22 years!) and then Whiplash (Inc 500, acquired in 2018), I realized knowing your numbers wasn't just for the man, but it was a pain in the ass.

I started Trivial to help small businesses run better operations so they can stay in business, grow, and continue to bring their visions to the world.

If you're buried in spreadsheets or have a hard time answering "simple" questions because reasons, let's talk.
James Marks
Founder & CEO,
Trivial, Inc.

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